HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD (HTCTW) is a social good incubator.

Isn’t HTCTW too grandiose of a title?

It is.

But, consider this causal chain of reasoning:

We can change the world by changing public policy. And, who changes public policy? Politicians and other decision makers. We can influence them by shifting public sentiment. Public sentiment shifts with shifts in our culture. And, we can shift our culture through telling stories, sharing experiences, launching campaigns, sparking conversations, mobilizing movements and leading marches.

Now, this causal chain of reasoning makes changing the world sound quick and easy. It is not. Far from it. Sustainable social change is a long and arduous process. But, it is a starting point.

In HTCTW students build new movements, organizations and thought leadership platforms that shape our culture. And, in turn, change our world.  

Who is this class for?

Students who imagine their future changemaking selves as investigative journalists, public interest lawyers, teachers, politicians (at all levels of government), artists, activists, grassroots movement mobilizers, community organizers, religious leaders, thought leaders, civil servants, documentarians, social enterprise owners, and non-profit founders.

HTCTW works with students looking to address problems in arts/culture, education, environment, food/agriculture, health/healthcare, human rights, poverty alleviation/economic development, or public service/civic engagement


Regardless of the level of your skills and knowledge, you should consider Applying.

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