I am confident in saying that you will not have a class you both hate and love more than this one.”

– Julie (’20)

This course is one of my favorites that I’ve taken thus far at this university because of its essence…HTCTW allows you to take what is most dear to you and gives you structured time to pursue it. You will have this issue or concept that matters to you and by the end of the semester, you will learn to make others care about it as well.”

– Olivia (’21)

This class was the most enjoyable and rewarding class I have had here…I looked forward to coming every day, seeing everyone, catching up on each other’s work and ultimately creating a family of people who share different backgrounds and interests.”

– Jack (’19)

This course is something that will make you think about yourself and your environment. It will…allow you to see what you can produce when you pick your project instead of being given a set of guidelines that most of your other classes have probably given you for a class project. There are no “guidelines” here. There are steps you can take to complete your project and this course. But in the end, this course is what you the student make of it.”

– Gary (’19)