What is your WHY

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In this worksheet, we want to uncover your WHY.

Step 1: Right now, in the world, as it is today, what do you experience or experience other living things experiencing that you want to change?

Step 2: Why?

I want to know why you are here. I don’t want to hear about money, power, prestige, status, or fame. For true social innovators, those things are rarely forthcoming. And, most importantly, those things are not why we are here. That bears repeating. Those things are not why we are here. And, if you are here for those things, then it’s best you move along. I’m also not interested in any superficial answers for your “Why?”. I want your deep-as-a-holler answer. I want you to get raw, granular, real. And, to help you get there, you will be asked “Why?” five times. The objective is to dig deeper and deeper into your motivation with each successive “Why?”. You are not to give five different reasons for why you want to change what it is you want to change. For example, let’s say that I want to save the trees in my community, my first “why” may have something to do with the relief that attends sitting under a tree’s dappled shade on a hot summer day. That’s good. Now let’s go deeper. Why do I want to save the experience of sitting underneath a tree? Maybe it’s because when I was young and wanted to escape an abusive household, I would run into the woods at the end of my street to go and sit underneath a huge, beautiful Buckeye tree. I’d stare up through its branches to be awed and comforted. That’s why I love trees. That’s why I want to save them. That’s why I’m willing to throw down for them. Seriously, I have no choice. They’re kin. They raised me. And, when things get dark and scary and difficult in the days ahead of my project, this is the image I will return to in order to redouble my commitment to the work. Now, it’s your turn.

#1 Why do you want to change what it is you want to change?

#2 Why?

#3 Why?

#4 Why?

#5 Why?

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